Stainless Steel Tubes

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  • stainless steel tubes
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  1. Introduction
  2. Properties
  3. BIS (Bureau of Indian Standard) Specifications & Requirements
  4. Uses & Applications
  5. Present Indian Market Position
  6. Expected Future Demand
  7. Export & Import Statistics Data
  8. Names and Addresses of Existing Units (Present Manufactures)
  9. List of Plant & Machineries
  10. Miscellaneous Items and Accessories
  11. Instruments, Laboratory Equipments and Accessories
  12. Electrification, Electric Load and Water
  13. Maintenance, Suppliers/Manufacturers of Plant and Machineries
  14. Process of Manufacture with formulae if applicable
  15. Flow Sheet Diagram
  16. List of Raw Materials
  17. Availability of Raw Materials
  18. Requirement of Staff & Labour
  19. Personnel Management
  20. Skilled & Unskilled Labour
  21. Requirement of Land Area
  22. Built up Area
  23. Plant Layout.



  1. Summary of Capital Cost of Project
  2. Land & Side Development Exp.
  3. Buildings
  4. Plant & Machineries
  5. Misc. Fixed Assets
  6. Technical Know how Fees & Exp.
  7. Preliminary Expenses
  8. Pre-operative Expenses
  9. Provision for Contingencies


  1. Cost of Project and Means of Finance
  2. Output, Profitability and Cash Flow Chart
  3. Assessment of Working Capital requirements
  4. Sources of Finance
  5. Balance Sheets
  6. Break-Even Analysis and profitability analysis.
  7. Quantitative Details-Output/Sales/Stocks
  8. Sales Realisation        
  9. Raw Material Cost       
  10. Other Raw Material Cost             
  11. Packing Material Cost         
  12. Consumables, Store etc.,                    
  13. Employees Expenses            
  14. Fuel Expenses                 
  15. Power/Electricity Expenses    
  16. Repairs & Maintenance Exp.    
  17. Other Mfg. Expenses           
  18. Administration Expenses       
  19. Selling Expenses              
  20. Depreciation Charges - Profitability
  21. Depreciation Charges
  22. Interest and Repayment - Term Loans
  23. Tax on Profit
  24. Assumptions for Profitability workings
  25. Assessment of Working Capital

Why buy ITI reports?

  • Our project reports include detailed analysis that help to get industry Present Market Position and Expected Future Demand.
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  • This report comprehends the present status of the business by clarifying a complete SWOT examination and investigation of the interest supply circumstance
  • Report gives investigation and top to bottom money related correlation of real players/competitors
  • The report gives gauges of key parameters which foresees the business execution

Our Approach:

  • Our research reports comprehensively cover Indian markets (can be modified as per your country), present investigation, standpoint and gauge for a time of five years*.
  • The market conjectures are produced on the premise of optional research and are cross-accepted through associations with the business players
  • We use dependable wellsprings of data and databases. What's more, data from such sources is handled by us and incorporated into the report